Who Is Honey's Girl?

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Originally from Miami, Florida, Shayla M. Dobson moved to Washington, DC in 2009 to pursue her Bachelor's Degree from Howard University. During her matriculation she was forced to take a step back from her formal education and develop her passion and talent for the creative arts, painting especially.

Towards the end of 2015 Shayla took a greater step by exploring painting on canvas. Currently she is developing her skill and technique as her overall; aesthetic appears to be clear. Bright and bold colors set in place with black lines of distinctive line weights.

As she begins to blossom artistically she is also focusing her time on community service. Over the 2015-2017 school years, she served as an Americorps member. She tutored students struggling with reading and continues to do so. Shayla been able to marry the 2 interests to further inspire and teach the youth in her community.

Inspired by the relationship she shared with her grandma, Honey, Shayla seeks to create, not only for the pleasure but the enrichment of the lives of others.